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Through conducting research on the behavior of our new sign-up users, we discovered that 30% of them did not become active. They signed up for our service but did not proceed to upload any media or engage with the platform further. This finding raised concerns about the effectiveness of our onboarding process and highlighted the need for improvements to enhance user activation and engagement.

Success Story Example

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Problem Discovery

By conducting interviews with inactive users and evaluating our past onboarding process, we identified a problem: our onboarding process lacked the ability to effectively motivate users to upload media. The previous process primarily focused on providing information, but it failed to create a sense of urgency or incentivize users to take action and contribute their content to the platform. As a result, there was a noticeable lack of user engagement and participation in terms of media uploads.

The Solution

To address the issue, we implemented media upload functionality in the onboarding process, featuring a clear call-to-action and an incentive to prompt users to start building their portfolios. Additionally, a new program offers a $5 bonus upon approval of the first 25 images or videos, motivating active participation in portfolio development.

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We added an upload media function to our onboarding process, which specifically called users to upload their media. This new feature prompted and encouraged users to actively contribute their content to the platform.


We implemented a new incentive program in our onboarding process. As part of this program, we offered users a $5 bonus if they successfully had their first 25 images or videos approved. This bonus served as a motivating factor for users to actively upload their media and strive for approval.


The Result

Through a comprehensive data analysis conducted by our data team, we made a significant observation. After implementing changes to our onboarding process, we witnessed a significant and noteworthy decrease in the number of inactive users, with the percentage dropping down to 15%. This is indicative of a significant improvement in user engagement and participation on our platform.

My Role

  • Actively collaborated with data analysts.

  • Played a key role in conducting user interviews.

  • Defined objectives and selected relevant topics for interviews.

  • Created interview scripts targeting specific user segments or areas of interest.

  • Conducted research to explore potential solutions.

  • Developed prototypes for testing and visualization purposes.

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