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Hello, I'm Lusine, a product designer who's all about creating awesome user experiences. I bring together functionality, aesthetics, and user-centric design to turn ideas into innovative products that hit the mark with business goals.

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2019 - 2023 (4 years 7 months)

Product Designer with over four years of experience as the sole product designer at Wirestock. Managed the design process for the MAIN WEBSITE, MOBILE APPS (iOS and Android), and ADMIN TOOLS. Skilled in enhancing user experience, visual design, and adding features to boost user satisfaction.

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I collaborated closely with the product manager, data analysts, customer support, and developers to gain a deep understanding of our users' problems and needs. Through user interviews, email surveys, and valuable insights from the data analysts and customer support team, we identified the pain points and challenges faced by our users. These collaborative efforts enabled us to engage in meaningful discussions and find effective solutions that aligned with user feedback.

In my role, collaborating with the development team was crucial. We regularly discussed and explored new design ideas, aiming to streamline the process for developers. Open communication and a strong partnership allowed us to create visually appealing, practical, and easily implementable designs.

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If you loved my story, contact me and we'll create more new stories together.

As a Product Designer, I am driven by a relentless pursuit of inspiration, continuously seeking new sources of motivation, fresh challenges, and exciting opportunities to expand my knowledge and skills. With a passion for crafting user-centric experiences and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation, I am dedicated to creating remarkable products that leave a lasting impact on users and make a difference in their lives.


+374 77150487


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Keith Edward Elam (July 17, 1961 – April 19, 2010), better known by his stage name Guru (a backronym for Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal), was an American rapper, record producer and actor. He was a member of the hip hop duo Gang Starr, along with DJ Premier. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Music as My Creative Motivator

I love listening to music while designing—it's like my creative fuel. The beats and melodies inspire me, making the design process more exciting. It's not just background noise; it's a key part of how I find solutions and come up with cool visuals. Whether it's lively tunes pushing me forward or calming melodies helping me think, music turns my workspace into a place where creativity and sound dance together. It's not just a sidekick; it's a vital part of my design journey, adding a touch of rhythm and inspiration to every project.

Below are my top three favorite music artists.

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Khruangbin is a three-piece band from Texas, formed of Laura Lee on bass, Mark Speer on guitar, and Donald Johnson on drums. Taking influence from 1960's Thai funk - their name literally translates to "Engine Fly" in Thai - Khruangbin is steeped in the bass heavy, psychedelic sound of their inspiration, Tarantino soundtracks and surf-rock cool.

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Kokoroko are a young, London based Afrobeat 8-Piece band led by trumpeter Sheila Maurice-Grey, playing a fusion of Jazz and Afrobeat.

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